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You don't have to be 40 years old to be an expert!

As of 2020 you will be able to take advantage of our experience of nearly 30 years helping to digitally transform our clients’ businesses. Manage yours or start your career in the new era of Accounting Professionals in Digital Transformation, sign up and be part of the new team of young people who will help our society forge the new ecosystem of companies for our community.


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Business management

Created to help companies streamline their operations from anywhere at a fraction of the cost of market leading options with support from local advisors.

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Business analysts

We offer support with business analysts close to the client, who are in charge of advising him to organize, formalize and digital transform its business.

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In real time, available 8 hours a day 5 days a week = timely attention by Accounting Professionals in Digital Transformation. "Do not hesitate to contact us"


”We are all capable of being and doing what we dream of and even what we don't.’’


NegocioMejor is developed to train and accompany accounting and administrative advisors, who attend directly to the client, whereby participating after being certified (free of charge), they become freelancers and obtain 40% of the membership fee, 100% of the support fee and 100% of implementation fee. Income for you, 80% and also you manage your schedule to be able to continue your studies – Our tool is developed with all the characteristics of how businesses are handled in Latin America, providing them with all the controls to be able to identify even the product that is missing.


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